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Drunk with Man Power, I can't get enough of myself.

I have power, and I like it. Last night, I went to the 'Meet & Greet' down at the Church. This is where I see Mr. Thursday Night, every week. But first, let me give some background information. We flirt, he teases me, I tease back. This is where it ends, it's a never ending game of cat and mouse. Do I have 'feelings' for this guy? Maybe, if he would be a little more on the ball, *maybe* would be *yes*. This was our last conversation:

Eden: You're snide comments aren't scoring any points with me tonight.
Thursday: I'm not trying to score points with you.
Eden: Well, maybe you should be trying to score points with me (I walk away, he is shocked).

It's frustrating. But, I've been gone and we've not seen each other for the last 2 weeks. Vacation was a good thing, in more ways than one.

He saw me across the crowded room (yes, cue background music), and flew to my side�He was VERY happy to see me. He couldn't take his eyes off of me, he kept standing closer and closer, he was like a lost puppy, and I was a safe place. I told him when I last saw him, that he'd miss me when I was gone, I was right, and he knew it too. I have the power, we're going driving in his new car this weekend. Toast said, I was 'Drunk with Man Power,' maybe. I think, I think too much of myself, I'm Machiavellian at heart, but aren't we all?

In other news�The Boston Globe reported today, that a Japanese Firm has invented a bra that won't make the metal detectors go off at the airport. According to the article, these new brassieres come in blue and orange and have matching panties. The set retails for about $30. They're calling them "Frequent Flyer Bras." I think that this could have a double meaning, but it's about time some one thought of a product like this. I know every time my bra sets off a metal detector I'm miffed! And I've always wanted something in orange�

I got some of my pictures back from the trip, my new camera is crap, but what can I expect for what I paid for it? I've also learned that when you hold a squirmy one year old in your arms, and take the pictures with one hand, they will be fuzzy.

Ok I forgot to mention something that happened to me on my trip. But, again, some background is necessary. I am a HUGE fan of "This Old House" on PBS. Last year, they remodeled a Brownstone in Charelstown, one of the sections of Boston. It was one of my favorite house projects that they have done. So, Day 5 of the trip, we were at Bunker Hill, the tallest point in Charlestown. I remembered that this house was near a church. I found the church, can you guess what happened next? Oh, yah, like the little geeky stalkers that we are, we drove over toward the church and found the Charelstown House from This Old House. I know, I'm a goon, I'm in love with Norm Abram. The next day we tried to find the Watertown House but were unsuccessful. I�m still in love with Norm Abram.

Speaking of television. I have an admission to make. I watch Survivor. (I know that Mr. Levski will balk at my weakness, and the fact that I've joined the seething masses of reality-tv junkies, but hey we all have our guilty pleasures-right?) I was really excited for Survivor 3 to start, but I must say, that I am just not into this time around. What's that about? And Sherri Stringfield is back on ER. It's about time they brought back good old Dr. Susan Lewis. But did you see how jealous the chumminess between Dr. Greene and Dr. Lewis was making Dr. Corday, Dr. Green's wife? Wow, it's going to be good.

Enough of this silliness, it's back to the salt mines for me. It is Friday right?

Ok, PS I just found out that I am in GOOGLE!! This is cool!

11:38 a.m. - October 19, 2001


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