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The wrap up...

Day 5: Back in Boston, but my Cah is at Hah-vahd Yahd.

Day 5 was overcast and gloomy. The perfect time to go to some of the fabulous Art Museums of Boston. Kris, my cousin, drove me into town thru the Back Bay area of the city. We drove down Commonwealth Ave. I felt like I was in Europe again. There were ivy covered Brownstones, tall trees and picturesque statues of famous Bostonians lining the street. We also drove right through the BU homecoming parade, it was way fun!

I stopped in at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Ms. Gardner was a well to do Bostonian in the early 20th century. She traveled the world collecting fine art, sculptures, tapestries etc. She arranged them all in her home and then donated it all to the city. It was quite and eclectic mix of items, included was a small icon by Boticelli (sp?), the famous Renaissance painter and one of Rembrandt's self portraits.

After a short T ride, which made me really feel like a Bostonian, I ended up in Harvard Yard. Harvard is a beautiful school, with a rich heritage. It's funny though, I was just wandering around looking for another museum and I was stopped 2 times by people looking for directions. Do I really look like I fit in? Maybe my dreams of attending an Ivy League school are not so far off.

I found the Fogg Art Museum and ventured in. I was in impressionist heaven. In one room, just one room, were paintings and sculptures by Monet. Manet, Degas, Picasso, Pollack, Van Gough, and Serat. I was in HEAVEN! I love art, and I love impressionist art the best (and I know Pollack really counts as modern, but he was there anyway). Topping in all off, were works by Vasily Kandinski, the greatest Russian painter of all time. How cultured am I now?

Day 6: My last day

My last day was Sunday, it was again, cloudy and overcast, but beautiful none the less. We stopped at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. This is the most beautiful place on earth! It was a garden, with winding paths bordered by moss-covered headstones. There is a tower in the middle of the cemetery. We climbed up to the top and had a 360 degree view of the whole area; breathtaking, beautiful, and blustery. It was so cold on the top of that tower, but it was the kind of cold that makes you want to take deep gulps of crisp air. My nose and cheeks were red like the leaves on the trees. I just looked off at the Boston skyline, and almost started to cry, because I'd be leaving the next day.

We finished up the day by driving north on Route 1 along the coast. A famous North Atlantic storm was blowing in. All of the beach houses looked so alone and fragile against the fury of the cold, rain soaked wind. We made it up to Maine, but it had turned dark and the baby was hungry, so we headed back to Boston. (We actually got lost in Maine and couldn't find the I-95 south, that was not so fun).

Day 7: The Return and some reflections

Monday was travel day again. I was positively green the whole way too (but at no time did I feel the need to use the air sickness bags provided for my convenience). I think it was a combination of fatigue, hunger, anxiety and reluctance to come home. Then the plane landed and I was home, and the trip was over.

I noticed some things on my trip: there is a Dunkin Donuts on almost every corner in Boston.(I think this is where 'Cops & Donuts' jokes originated). Traffic, while crazy, was not scary. Drivers were very polite, to my pleasant surprise. The people were also incredibly kind and very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised at this as well, and I think I need to be more like this. The weather can change hourly in New England, take a sweater.

I spent a week in New England, I was in a postcard, a Frost poem, a beautiful place. I'll be back to quote Frost, "I shan't be gone long, you come too?"

More tomorrow~~Eden.

11:54 a.m. - October 18, 2001


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