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You'll miss me when I'm gone.

This week, I'm in Boston, MA on my annual "Great American Cities Tour." Here are some things for your Eden's Garden reading enjoyment while I'm gone´┐Ż


    Population 1996: 574,283

    Area: 48.6 miles; 58% is landfill

    Nicknames: The Hub, Beantown, Athens of America

    There are 67 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. My favorite is Boston College.

    The Massachusetts Bay Colony was established in 1629 by the Pilgrims.

    On December 16 1773 the Boston Tea Party took place.

    In 1897 the first Boston Marathon was run.

    In 1918 the Boston Red Sox, won their first and only World Series! (Hey we're still hoping!)

    Boston Garden, former home of the Boston Celtics, opened in 1928

    Work on the "Big Dig" began in 1989.

Here are some cool Boston websites:

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The Boston Globe

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And there it is, I'm off like a herd of thundering turtles!! I'll be back in a few days with lots of stories to tell. ~~Eden

*All of my facts came from Fodor's Boston Citypack Guide by Sue Gordon.

3:20 p.m. - October 08, 2001


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